Unethical trading exposed by the angry field workers

Aaijee Pharma, a pharmaceutical distributor of sort, was actually found to be enormously engaged in unethical trading with medicines at Goa. The angry field workers reached in large number to this hot spot of this illegal medicine business where the medicine stocks were lifted from unofficial and unauthorized sources scattered across the country. Obtaining from fake sources, this dummy pharmaceutical distributor was selling medicines of questionable quality (if not spurious) at largely discounted rate and lured the innocent retailer with hefty profit in the state of Goa. Large scale activities of this trader were nearly replacing the regular supply chain of genuine medicines by the fake one. The intervention of Goa MRA, for the interest of people in general and for the field workers in particular, has been timely and was appreciated by the field workers across the board . The protest action of the field worker at the best of Goa MRA exposed the unethical business with essential medicines. The agitating field workers obtained some secret documents for that proved that the stocks were procured from fake sources located at different places across the country including those located at Goa and Agra and Bengaluru.


01 April,2018